Questions and Answers

What if I don't remember my password?

You can have your password reset and sent to your email box as follows.

- Go to
- In the "Forgot Username or Password " section, input your username.
- Click submit.
- You will receive your temporary password in your email box.
- Log in through
- Goto
 and change your password in the "Change Password" section.

What if I don't remember my password nor my username?

- Please send your full name to Your username will be checked and sent to your email address.
- Please don't reapply for a new membership if you already own an id.

Why I cannot access other pages except the page after log in?

Members have privilege to access the resources of CCC such as events, seminars and inside job information. You are not able to access other pages because you have not become an official CCC member yet.

What are the sources of the jobs posted in the career section?

The jobs posted in our career section are directly from hiring managers, who are either members of CCC, or who have close relations with CCC board members. These jobs are often urgent and immediate hiring. For that reason, the job description is often short.

Why I cannot access the photos, or register for event, or apply for jobs?

You need to become an official CCC member first.

How to become a CCC member?

- You need to fill out the application form first.
- You need the id of two existing members. They will be informed, and they will confirm their reference.
- Upon approval, you will have the web access to the CCC webpage. Two more steps are needed to become an official CCC member.
1.  Membership due for the current year.
2.  Fulfill the member profile information.

- Once you become a CCC member, you can register for seminar and events and apply for jobs.

What are the direct benefits of a CCC member?

- CCC members can access resources in the career section and submit their resumes to job positions.
- CCC members receive substantial discounts for events and seminars. Usually, the discount of one seminar/event is equal to the membership fee.

I have some other questions.

Please email us.