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About us

The Culture and Career Club (CCC) was established in March of 2008 by a group of young professionals and students in New York City to address the needs and concerns in the evolving multi-cultural society.

Here are our statement and our policy.

Mission Statement

What is CCC?

The Culture and Career Club (CCC) was established in April of 2008 by a group of young Chinese professionals and students in New York City to address the needs and concerns in the multi-cultural society and highly competitive career environment. It is a non-profit organization.

What is CCC's mission?

CCC's mission is to enhance the effective "Communication, Cooperation and Contribution" among Chinese people around the world.
1. Enrich our members' social life and boost Chinese cherished culture exchanges with other ethnic groups
2. Serve a platform to foster innovation and promote career development
3. Facilitate communications and cooperation among Chinese business communities around the world
4. Provide mutual assistance and career consulting services

Who can be a CCC member?

The CCC club highly welcomes passionate and qualified applicants to be its new members. CCC is committed to creating appealing programs and networking events to promote cultural mingle and enrich members' social lives. The club also offers networking opportunities and consultancy solutions for our members in their career development. It is intended to benefit its members with building a successful career path and realizing prosperity.

What is CCC�s goal?

"CCC -- Build up network-pedia". We are in the process of opening the chapters in major metropolitan cities in U.S, China and other countries. CCC is dedicated to become a premier organization, which would represent a group of successful professionals and students who value their career-progress, support other members of the group, and serve the communities that its members are with.

Membership fee?

$30 For Life.

How to register?

Go to website and click on tab "Membership".

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Board Members

Headquarter at NYC

Special Thanks

We thank the board and all the members for their priceless efforts and contributions to CCC. We especially thank Ms. Wang Meiyuan from Art Institute of Chicago for her help on our logo design.


Everyone must abide by the law of the United States.